Exhibit or Vend

Get involved with Three Mile Creek Fest by applying to become an exhibitor or vendor. The event is an opportunity for you to showcase your business or organization to the community, as well as support the mission of Three Mile Creek Partnership and the vision of Three Mile Creek Fest.

Exhibitors and vendors must bring their own tent, table, and chairs. Exhibitors can provide information but also may offer an engaging or educational opportunity for the community. Vendors must have items for people to purchase. Exhibitors and vendors are encouraged to bring giveaways, or to donate a giveaway for Three Mile Creek Partnership to include in their giveaways. To be considered for the event, exhibitors and vendors must fill out an application. All exhibitors are expected to pay the $35 exhibitor processing fee and vendors are expected to pay the $50 vendor processing fee, which is utlizied to help make this event possible. Instructions on how to pay, check-in, set up, and additional information will be provided upon acceptance. Deadline to apply: August 28, 2020. All exhibitors and vendors will be notified of their acceptance on a first come, first serve basis. We will strive to send your acceptance information no later than 48 hours after we receive your application.